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This has been a crazy last couple of weeks. Of all the adjustments made in a short time, not limited to saying good bye to a bunch of great people, not getting to say good bye (in person) to many more good people, having an impromptu roommate in my studio apartment (my replacement), leaving my job, my students, my home, packing, and leaving a town that had started to feel something like a home should, I think these changes have all yet to really sink in. And maybe they won’t have to for another few weeks.

Tomorrow I head to Cambodia, and then Vietnam. I will be seeing old friends, checking out Angkor Wat, spending some quality time at the beach, and trying to disengage a bit before heading back to Seattle in the middle of September.

Korea has been a complicated but excellent season in my life. I am so thankful for it, but somehow as I sit here on a friend’s couch preparing to play tourist for the next few weeks, it doesn’t quite seem real that I am really leaving (I come back to Seoul for a few days in between southeast Asia and Seattle). Hopefully I’ll have a more wide angle reflection on my time here in the near future.

If you are a friend in Korea reading this, you will be missed. IF you are back home, I can’t wait to reconnect.